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Who is HASTA?

HASTA was created to provide industry, sports administrators and athletes with independent leadership and direction for the certification of sports supplements.

HASTA is the Australian drug and supplement testing specialist, a sister company to Racing Analytical Services Limited (RASL), Australia’s largest independent drug testing laboratory.

RASL is a leading international racing laboratory and provides sophisticated drug testing services for human, equine and canine samples. HASTA’s personnel are globally renowned for their experience in all aspects of drug testing and reporting.

Sports people, from weekend warriors to elite athletes, currently use sports supplements with no guarantee of the product’s quality or reliability.

The consumption of contaminated supplements has led to drug prosecutions for
some of the world’s most high profile athletes. The certification of supplements for professional athletes may discourage the use of experimental supplements.

HASTA provides the solution – trusted product certification from an experienced and professional drug testing company.

Resourced to deliver accuracy
and speed, time and again…

The HASTA laboratory is the best resourced laboratory of its type in Australasia. More than $12m has been invested in the most advanced analytical equipment available to deliver state-of-the-art  drug testing services. The laboratory employs high-resolution mass spectrometry that is capable of detecting hundreds of different drugs in a single


sample with incredible sensitivity. HASTA employs a highly skilled workforce, expert in all aspects of drug detection and analysis. The HASTA laboratory is NATA accredited and managed to deliver services that meet world’s best practise and quality standards.


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HASTA has more capacity than any forensic
drug testing laboratory in Australia

In the last calendar year, HASTA’s parent laboratory tested in excess of:


urine and blood
samples for performance enhancing drugs


blood samples for
total CO2 content


human urine samples tested for illicit drugs



oral fluid samples
tested for illicit drugs

The HASTA solution is clear
and absolutely achievable.

HASTA is committed to excellence in everything that
it does, upholding its core values and operating principles.

• Rapid, responsive testing protocols

• Confidential reporting

• Economical testing costs

• Independent Australian company

• Delivers customer certainty in a market desperate for confidence and leadership

• Integrity

• Speed & Accuracy

• Confidentiality

• Scientific Excellence

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