3 Examples of Max Boost products

For Supplement Manufacturers:

Differentiate yourself from the rest of the market.

Competition to work with elite athletes and clubs is tough as they make great brand ambassadors, but being associated with a doping scandal could ruin your reputation as well as theirs. Inadvertent contamination of raw materials or cross contamination during manufacture have been shown to be significant causes of contaminated supplements.  Ensure you go that extra step to protect you and your customers by independently testing your products for banned substances, or talk to us about full HASTA Certification – and make your customers choice easy.

Don’t risk your reputation

HASTA Certified – Earnt not Bought

For Federations, Clubs and Coaches:

Uncompromising protection
of your greatest asset.

Sport is at the heart of the Australian spirit. Protect the reputation and honour of your sporting code by supporting the only Australian certification system for testing supplements in the Australian marketplace. Our ability to test sports supplements will help your athletes confidently select supplements to help them perform, with greater assurance that they are not putting their reputation at risk. HASTA can also independently test batches of supplements for your club.

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Insist that all supplements used by your athletes have HASTA certification to protect against the inadvertent use of banned substances.

For Athletes and Consumers:

Don’t take risks, consume with confidence.

Sport is competitive. You need to stay ahead of the pack to succeed. Sports supplements can provide you with the performance edge you are looking for, but a contaminated supplement can undo years of training. HASTA certified supplements provide the confidence you need to perform at your best, knowing that they have been independently tested.

Check for the HASTA certification mark before you consume any supplement

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