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The HASTA supplement testing screen is amongst the most comprehensive of its type, covering over 200 WADA prohibited substances. Our testing program has been developed specifically for the Australian market, based on HASTA’s testing experience and intelligence gathering network.

No product testing can ever guarantee that a batch is completely free from contamination, as prohibited substances can be present at very low levels, and not distributed evenly through a batch, but purchasing a HASTA certified product significantly reduces the risk.


What do we test for?

The HASTA Sports Supplement screen covers over 200 WADA prohibited substances from the following WADA prohibited substances classes:

S1 Anabolic agents

S2 Peptide hormones, growth factors, related
substances & mimetics

S3 Beta-2 agonists

S4 Hormone & metabolic modulators

S5 Diuretics & masking agents

S6 Stimulants

S7 Narcotics

P2 Beta-blockers

The HASTA testing criteria are reviewed each year with the release of the WADA Prohibited List; they are also reviewed as we become aware of changes in drug use patterns in Australia from our other testing, and the emergence of novel substances.

Banned Substances – FAQ's

Q. Who decides which drugs are banned?
A. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) publishes a full list of banned substances and methods each year. View the current official WADA Prohibited List here

Q. Can HASTA test for everything on the list?
A. No, the list contains methods (eg manipulation of blood) and non-approved substances (such as experimental drugs) that cannot be tested for, but we believe the HASTA screen is one of the most comprehensive testing screens available, covering well over 200 identified banned substances.

Q. If HASTA tests a product does it mean it is WADA and ASADA approved?
A. No, WADA and ASADA do not certify or endorse any supplement products. Furthermore, under their charter, WADA labs cannot provide commercial testing of supplements.

Q.  Are banned substances really a problem in Australia?
A. Yes, to see the number of banned substances we detected in our survey of Sports Supplements that are readily available for sale in Australia. View Study


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